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Carried Cécile AGU

Experts in Art & Jewelry

For the past 20 years, my experience as an Insurance Adjuster has allowed me to practice appraisals of all types of art objects and jewellery. From Monaco to Marseille, sometimes further!

My friend and Auctioneer for 12 years now joins me to accompany you towards the best opportunities of acquisition and resale of your art objects and jewellery.

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Cécile AGU
Certified Appraiser and Insurance Expert, Objects of Art & Gemmologist

Passionate about Art History and Jewelry

After a bachelor's degree in art history and archaeology at the University of Lille, I continued my studies. The laboratory of #gemmology of Marseille, specialized in the expertise of precious stones, allows me to obtain the state diploma. This is how the world of jewellery opened up to me with happiness.

Follow the art market ...

At the same time, I am getting to know auctioneers, art restorers and museum curators better. The current state of the art market requires an intensive follow-up.

How is the artists' #cote formed in the different markets? What is the #value to date of the inherited objects? How to build up one's own collection of authentic art objects ?

Office of qualified and independent experts

A combination of the skills of a certified Auctioneer and Insurance Expert to accompany you in the management of your artistic heritage.

? Pre-inventory: Photographs and portable laboratory instruments
  • Very useful throughout your life, the detailed inventory with precise photographs is indispensable in the management of your assets. It is requested to adapt the guarantees of your insurance policies, in case of separation or succession.
  • In addition, we can appraise a work of art, jewellery or a collection with the help of portable laboratory instruments: Wood lamp, different magnifying glasses and lamps, white light, UV, refractometer ... 
  • Finally, the certificate of authenticity and information on the traceability of your works are essential documents to enhance the value of your goods. We accompany you in your dealings with scientific analysis laboratories and artists' committees. 
  • Lump-sum fees for half a day (consult us).
? Confidential transactions and advice
  • Our advice is aimed at professionals and private individuals. Indeed, we accompany you in the management of your artistic heritage in exclusivity.
  • To conclude, we help you to acquire and resell a collection, a work, an object of any period with high added value on the best markets.
  • Lump-sum fees (consult us).
Rivierafineart.com is your guide to the world of Modern and Contemporary Art and Jewellery on the Riviera.

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