anthony vignadocchio


His career path

Anthony Vignadocchio is the child of the Canton of Fayence. Recently settled in the heart of the village of Tourettes, in the Var, he expresses all his talents.
First his works are exhibited at "La Vigne Vincent". In fact, this wine bar managed with brio by his wife and also a gallery.
Then, the Place de la Mairie offering a spectacular panorama of the Maures massif. This is how you often come across famous customers from the neighbouring "Terres Blanches" estate.

The artist's studio

In his artist's studio, Anthony works rather solitary. In fact it takes long hours of patience to produce each piece. He prefers wood carving and resin. Then, after several stages of cutting, he assembles different pieces. The result between all the materials leads to the realization of spectacular sculptures.
Anthony is a complete artist. Also known as a songwriter, he invites us here to discover his sculptures. Then, he unveils his next project using new materials such as copper and gold leaf in resin.


Award-winning achievements

His talent is to know how to break with habits, preferring to play on the surprise of contrasts. He likes twisting and contrasting movements such as elliptical shapes.
"Wave to the Soul" is a majestic sailboat on the counter. The title is already evocative ... His taste for writing and literature is reflected in the construction of timeless and poetic works. The hull is made in a single piece of olive wood, then the sails are made by assembling hundreds of unique pieces moulded in resin. The effect of fluidity is masterful! Such a meticulous work of art demands respect for the work accomplished.
Sculpture, assembly, cutting of diverted forms, these montages amaze us because he dares to go to the end of his imagination by defying the technique. Here the sails under tension of the wind already put us on the alert.
An award-winning work in Monaco describes the fragile balance between a weight and a feather.
His sincerity as an artist is expressed in his accomplished figurative work. He puts his heart into his work and the spectator can only feel this universal emotion of beauty.

The Project

As proof, nothing stops Anthony from taking up the challenge of a special order from a collector.
By creating a life-size sculpture of the singer Freddy Mercury, he is taking on a world monument.
"Trust me I'm famous" announces a series of celebrities that we can't wait to discover in preview on Thursday 27th August 2020 at 6pm on the Place de la Mairie in Tourettes.


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