Carole PAVIO



Carole Pavio is a child who has always been an artist with her body in her pegs. She loves to create clothes for her dolls and a whole universe to go with them. Following in the footsteps of an art teacher near Lorraine, she learns drawing and explores different forms of art therapy.

With a strong regional reputation, Carole puts all her energy into organizing events that combine music, gastronomy and all the arts in a beautiful annual summer festival. These are those moments of grace in the middle of summer that we love and that are followed on social networks.

Since December 2019, she has installed her own Gallery in the city of art and history of Grasse.


Influenced by Mondrian, she is however looking for a synthesis between the straight line and the curve in a form of "Geometric Pop".
Her "artistic factory" is a real small business at the service of collectors, individuals and professionals. Its strong point is based on the art of capturing emotion and keeping it at the highest level. A bewitching I tell you!

His desire for a wide diffusion of art allows him to set up a real signature through production processes aimed at the greatest number of people. His colourful works are above all a pleasure to look at every day for their form and positive energy; isn't that what we are all looking for?

An open philosophy which postulates that in the end: art is life!

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