Christine SPITERI


red limited edition with digital print certificate
plexi-glass 37 x 100 cm
price on demand


Christine Spiteri, who moved to the French Riviera in 1979, is a visual artist, graphic designer and sculptor who plays with matter, centered form, geometry as well as natural pigment. His work as a graphic designer led him to take an interest in sacred geometry, which led him to discover mandalas in 2005. She likes to play with geometrical structures, and lets herself be carried by the present moment around the geometrical form, traveling through prehistoric times, through the Celts to the abstraction of a distant future, traveling around the world, Tibet, Australia, Africa, India, America, traveling to the center, source of knowledge and consciousness.

It goes from the frame of the painting to the outside of the frame with the sculpture.
Its sources of inspiration are numerous, from the mother goddess to the history of our origins, around the evolution of writing, the migration of peoples during the different phases of glaciation and global warming of our planet, without forgetting the world of mythology, beliefs and knowledge. Participated in the OFF of the St Paul de Vence biennial in 2018.


Christine's particularity as a sculptor lies in her eco-innovative approach. Sensitized by the health of our planet, his sculptures are made from a unique material "eco-designed" pure creation of the artist.

She works in modelling then dries her creations in the sun in the summer and near the heating sources of her house in the winter, this zero carbon approach allows her to be in a sustainable development approach. In order to achieve the desired effect, the dry pieces are sculpted in the traditional way and are patinated or painted with temperament (egg yolk and natural pigment in the old fashioned way).
Fascinated by the evolution of humans through time and mythology, she has studied the migration of peoples from the Neolithic period to the present day and the evolution of civilizations. This work allows him to visit worlds with a very personal perception.

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