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Carole Pavio says, "Art is life!" Believe me, I've known about her positive communicative energy for four years now. Moreover, she has just been awarded the Artistic Gateway Prize by the Monegasque Committee of the International Association of Plastic Arts to UNESCO.


During her teenage years, she creates clothes first for her dolls with a whole universe of accessories. Then the disguises and finally this idea will take her back last year. Indeed, she launches a couture collection with scarves and dresses.

Following in the footsteps of a well-known art teacher in the Lorraine region, Carole learns drawing and explores the different forms of art therapy. The study of the fundamental basics is acquired.

To launch her creations, Carole organizes "la fête des arts" every summer. An event combining music, gastronomy and all the arts in a beautiful annual summer gathering. These are those moments of grace in the middle of summer that we love. They're filling up the like on social networks.

Opening of the gallery Carole PAVIO

Since December 2019, the cultural space at the Palais des Congrès in Grasse welcomes our artist. The city of Grasse, the international capital of perfumes, will certainly allow him to establish his regional influence.


Geometry and colours

Influenced by Mondrian, she is most often looking for a synthesis between the straight line and the curve. However, her "Pop geometric" style is unique.
From monumental sculptures to personalized creations, her "artistic factory" is a real small business. Carole sets up monumental projects for collectors or companies.

In fact, its strength lies in the art of capturing your emotion and keeping it at the highest level. A spellbinder, I tell you!

The heart in 3 dimensions

His desire to reach a wide audience in a positive way wins out. For example, she images hearts in all formats. Then she uses colours and resin to fix the whole thing on a base.

His colourful works are especially a pleasure to look at every day for their form and positive energy; isn't that what we are all looking for?

In conclusion, his life is art!

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