Christine SPITERI artist

Christine SPITERI artist
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She simply presents herself as an Artist. In an agreed biography, one should no longer say "painter" but rather "plastic artist". In reality, I think that artists have definitely broken through the compartmentalized barriers of the artistic movements defined by art critics.

Christine SPITERI is an artist who set up her workshop-gallery in the village of OPIO in the Alpes-Maritimes in 1979. We had an appointment this morning at the TOSTI space, allée de la Plage, in Villeneuve Loubet where she will be exhibiting until March 10th. This date coincides with the organization by the city of the 6th Day of Free Tibet.

"The Fifth Breath"

From "Art and Poetry, Christine Spiteri", Pierre GARCIN's book, The Book Edition, published in 2015, we learn that she is "out of the ordinary" and "sparkling".

We follow step by step Christine SPITERI's artistic approach inspired first of all by the Tibetan mandalas which are made in a different city each year under the aegis of the Dalai Lama. This annual collective re-creation also helps to build community bonds; isn't this a universal need? The fifth breath is that of the spirit that shines in our talented artist.

Endowed with a solid esoteric culture, Christine SPITERI takes us to distant Eastern and Western cultures. A subtle link is created in the continuity of time between past and present. It is necessary to look for a deep sense of her work which corresponds rather to the expression of a perception between the vision of the eye in relation to the work of her own hand.

"Journey to the Centre", the title of the exhibition, expresses this quest for infinity that we may all need to explore at some point in our lives.

Personalized digital art

Resolutely turned towards her time, Christine SPITERI explores the theme of abstraction notably through the tools of photography and digital technology. "The Birth of the World or Yin and Yang revisited", or the "Table of Offerings" can be reproduced on fabric or Plexiglas supports and formats, on request.

In phase with the new expectations of the collectors of the French Riviera, the works can be modulated in the dimensions but also the colors on request (contact me).

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