How do you justify your losses due to flooding?

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☔︎Coup On December 1, 2019, Météo France raised its flood rainfall alert to the red level. Now, just one week after the natural disaster that struck the Var and the Alpes Maritimes, the bad weather is back. This is how meteorological phenomena, combined with wind or snow, produce different types of disasters. Courage to families and individuals who suffer such upheavals.

In order not to suffer the second penalty of inadequate compensation, I remind you of the right reflexes!

⚠︎ Proceed with the rescue and conservation of the properties until the Expert's visit.

In fact, it will be necessary to justify the existence of the goods consequently even if one is in a hurry to throw everything away, it is advisable to safeguard the most expensive goods until the Expert's visit.

  • For the works of art too, think that a restoration or cleaning by a professional could be considered?

Otherwise, take quality photographs from different angles. Thus you photograph each object if possible in front, behind, signature, without forgetting some particular details.

  • Beware of shooting with smartphones as the quality is not as good. Similarly, those taken from too far away do not allow you to distinguish objects.

📝Precise your claim report by e-mail

Insurance companies try to manage the crisis situation based on the claims received. For this reason, I recommend that you follow the following advice:

  1. As far as possible, you will detail the number of objects per piece. In addition, you can give an approximate range of the extent of the damage (plus or minus €50,000 for example).
  2. It is preferable to use email if you cannot reach them by phone. Especially if you don't get an immediate answer, don't worry. For example, you can politely call back the next day.

Sometimes experts leave in an emergency and on arrival this is not really the case. Conversely, we arrive on claims that require a specialist adjuster (in construction or other speciality). Because it is necessary to implement protective measures as soon as possible.

🔜 Contact approved companies specialising in post-disaster recovery

Are you aware that companies are increasingly working in partnership with networks of specialized companies? Thus, for each type of claim, specialised companies can intervene after the Expert's visit.

In the event of fire, a company specialising in decontamination and restoration intervenes to sort out and clean up the damage in agreement with the Expert. Here are some of the companies which intervene throughout the country: sis-groupe, 3ID, unipromotion,.

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