Preliminary expertise of luxury branded objects: price difference for resale, insurance or inheritance

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How does a preliminary assessment take place? What are the frequently asked questions on this subject?

On the occasion of the start of the new school year in September 2018, I was approached by several people who had different needs:

  • Before a new subscription, the insurance agent asks for a detailed inventory of the movable property and precious objects in order to propose the appropriate limit of cover.
  • In another case, it was a question of knowing the value of a luxury brand ring to resell it; Which network to choose: public auction room, Internet marketplace or specialized boutique?
  • A detailed inventory of furniture and precious objects can also be useful for inheritance or tax purposes.

A relationship of trust for valuing movable and valuable assets

Although we are connected to FaceTime or other Skype, nothing replaces the eye and the hand! Advice and confidentiality are important to us. The written trace remains the best proof of the existence and value of the object in complete confidentiality.

After an initial contact by email and then by phone, we can define a perimeter of intervention according to the number and type of objects to be estimated.


It is a question of going around each room to take note of the main objects: furniture, objects in showcases, collections, dressing rooms... detailing the state of each one, taking a photograph.

Sometimes a partial inventory has already been carried out and some recent purchase invoices are available; in these cases, a new file of the main items of value must be established. This allows us to update the information.

  • An initial on-site appointment of 2 hours on average allows us to contact the applicant and to specify the purpose of the mission entrusted to us: expertise for insurance, inheritance, tax and/or resale purposes. The evaluation is significantly different according to the 3 fields.
  • Once the object(s) have been taken in hand in situ, a minimum estimate is proposed, the details of which are given below.
  • One or more appointments can thus be scheduled in the days or weeks following the first contact, if necessary.

Usually the appointment is made within 2 weeks after the first telephone contact and the report is delivered within 3 weeks after the appointment.


  • An appointment in our premises in Le Cannet or Toulon can be scheduled.

Similarly, all the public auction houses in your regions offer free appraisals one day of the week. Do not hesitate to meet an auctioneer in his office, which is usually open half a day a week for free appraisals.

In the case of valuable objects, a certificate of authenticity or laboratory analysis allows the nature of the object to be specified and its value to be refined. In comparison with other sales of similar goods, the Expert establishes a price range between a low and high estimate, taking into account the costs which may be applied.

Accompanying and sending the objects to analysis laboratories with insurance is possible. For example, a diamond can be serviced and sent to the gemmology analysis laboratory in Paris or abroad with a private carrier.

We can also help you to contact the artist's committees in order to obtain references on the artist's catalogue raisonné.


Male and female, the dressing room is a new social issue. According to "Management et Marketing du Luxe" by Michel Chevalier and Gérald Mazalovo, Editions DUNOD 2015, the second-hand market for luxury, vintage and watch brand clothing and fashion accessories is growing in billions of dollars worldwide because it is actually aimed at the middle classes. Luxury has become accessible to an intermediate social category on the 5 continents.

The theft claims we have been handling for insurance companies for the past 15 years have made it possible to track the value of certain models of watches, jewellery and accessories and their replacement value on the day of the loss.

After a telephone interview, an estimate and an appointment on the spot can be proposed.

The benefits

Applying a percentage of the total estimated value remains a vague method, even though it is customary; as the claimant and the Expert do not know in advance the total amount of the estimate, it seems difficult to propose an estimate without having made a visit to the premises or having taken possession of the objects to be appraised.

Auctioneers base their prices on the public sale prices of comparable objects. However, auction houses are competing with online sales networks; who can be contacted to obtain a better price depending on the type of object? We can help you in this approach on different networks.

For the realization of a complete inventory for inheritance purposes, our firm offers an initial fee of 1,500 euros up to a valuation of 80,000 euros for an inventory delivered with photographs, carried out by an auctioneer and/or a qualified gemmologist, including travel expenses on the Côte d'Azur region.

We remain at your disposal for any study of quotation concerning the tranches above 80 000 € and in partnership on other regions.

If you need advice in order to buy or sell an object, a personalised estimate can be made on request by telephone.

  • In the case of valuation of objects for resale, several solutions can be proposed; there are websites or networks of specialised resellers on the second-hand market.
  • In the latter case, the commission costs linked to the purchase or sale (which can range from 10 to 35%) depending on the resale network chosen: specialist shops, websites or public auction rooms, to be modulated, of course, according to volume and unit price.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us!


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