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Julie Genet is a contemporary jewellery designer in Cagnes sur Mer.

Her first steps as a jewelry designer

Julie Genet began by learning how to observe gemstones in the family environment. Then we met at the Marseille School of Gemmology where we graduated. Our friendship started right away. Indeed, I am amazed by the themes of his creative universe close to legends and mythology. Yes, as soon as you approach history, I melt into a marvellous space and time.

Here is what she writes in her Sources of Inspiration site: "It is, however, a Middle Ages touched by magic, where heroes of mythology, legends, literature and cinema mingle. A world where women are strong and the muses have super-powers".

Opening of the TRESOR Gallery in the Hauts de Cagnes

In 2016, she founded her brand Julie Genet Joaillerie in collaboration with her sister Caroline. Then, success comes very justly. Moreover, I was able to follow the publication of photographs of stars on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival wearing a creation by Julie Genet. Then we can read laudatory articles published regularly in the contemporary jewellery press.

Since 2019, the Galerie Trésor has opened its doors opposite the Château des Haut de Cagnes. It is therefore a perfect place for new French collections that will travel around the world of jewellery.


The design

Far from preconceived ideas, Julie Genet brings in her creations a new dimension in volume.

Besides, she starts by choosing colored stones that have weight. The choice of the color of the stone takes a lot of time to find it. In addition, the quality of the cut and the color are also important criteria to buy original gems. We have learned all these techniques little by little and with the help of certificates from specialized laboratories.

She dares to marry shapes and colours, thus marking her unique way of creating beautiful pieces.


Accuracy of detail

To continue clarifying his artistic approach, I would say that the second important point is the precision of the details. She produces little but always pushing the details as far as possible. For example, it should be known that the rendering of the volume of a ring is extremely difficult to achieve. Therefore, I am in admiration in front of such a visual result.


In conclusion, from a very personal point of view, this ring that you see in the photograph represents a very strong harmony. It combines the beauty of the 3 colors of Tanzanite with the volume of the ring. The jewel looks like a sculpture. Now you can see why I am so admiring Julie's creations!

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