Tips for disaster victims in the South East of France

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What to do when a natural disaster strikes your home? Floods, floods, rains, wind, sea, snow have occurred in the last 24 hours in the South East of France. Nice-Matin, communicated in detail the ORSEC red plan. It is impressive.

Other successive events may occur. What is my advice on how to be well taken care of by your insurer?

Our firm has already experienced natural disasters on the known sectors of the departments 06 and 83 in 2015 and earlier. It seems that the same exceptional weather conditions hit the 2 departments of Var and Alpes-Maritimes this weekend. Some cases are particularly dramatic and we will try to do our best to relieve the families according to the contractual guarantees.

From now on, you can take action to safeguard your moveable contents and prepare your compensation file.

1/ To take emergency and precautionary measures

  • You have to act like a "good family man". The insurer cannot reproach you for having taken the necessary measures to safeguard your home and your works of art.
  • The idea is to preserve as much evidence as possible of the extent of the damage.
  • Try to be precise: bailiff's reports, good quality photographs, the first signs of proof of the existence and condition of movable property will be useful.
  • Avoid throwing anything away without prior authorization from the Company and before the Expert's visit.
  • Have restoration estimates drawn up.

2/ Declaring the claim

  • Depending on the number of claims declarations, priorities will be established in order to make the joint actions of Expert Insurers more effective.
  • You will need to be patient so you can be proactive in managing your claim from now on.
  • Some insurers may offer assistance or a financial advance as soon as the Expert visits if the conditions are met (after verification of the risk and justified state of loss).
  • Our firm is mobilized as of today to answer the calls of the Insurers. The exceptional situation calls for reinforcements from our network of Union Experts in the same way that we have been able to manage previous crisis situations in the sector for 30 years.

3/ Your multi-risk home insurance policy

  • It's time to look at your homeowner's comprehensive insurance policy. If it is lost, send a request to your Company by courier (they will be overwhelmed but you will have the request as soon as possible).
  • Each contract is different, so it is important to refer to the one you took out. They have evolved over time, and older policies are sometimes more advantageous than newer ones; it's up to you to see what situation you are in on the day of the loss.
  • What are your special terms and conditions? If you have a limited warranty on your cellar and outbuildings, go to the basics!
  • I encourage you to prepare a list of justified assets with photographs as soon as possible; if your case is justified, compensation will be faster.


Claims are more or less important; a devastated cellar or house will not be treated in the same way; be patient!

So here are my tips for more solidarity and ultimately success!





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