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Sttan is an artist designer who creates a variety of contemporary art furniture. He collaborates with professionals to create unique objects of pure style.

His beginnings in the search for aesthetic lines

After studying electronics, Sttan began his real career as an artist, taking inspiration from the architectural achievements of the region.

First of all, the interior decoration of villas allows you to start with the design of contemporary furniture. In particular, the tables as well as the lighting fixtures. Fascinated by the research of the assembly of materials, Sttan has fun associating glass with Plexiglas or wood.

For example, cantilever tables give a unique effect to the decoration.

On the side of the Var workshop ...

Its strength is that it mixes workshop techniques. It emerges from the mixing of materials in pure forms which gives a rather masculine strength.

For example, laser cutting is carried out using drawings from computer software. Then, coatings, such as thermo-lacquers can be customized in agreement with the customer in his workshop in Olioulles.

This type of realization allows to obtain a very original result.


The 70'S inspired luminaries

Its line of luminaires is reminiscent of the 1970s. However, the subtle mix of colours brings us back to contemporary design. The design combines the functionality of the objects with the beauty of the lines.

Here, "The purity of acrylic glass combined with the power of LEDs" brings a new look to the viewer.

A light dressing for wine bottles

From his Champagne origins, Sttan keeps his strong taste for the world of wine. So he imagines a new luminous packaging to highlight the valuable bottles.

In addition, if you would like to see his new range of displays, you can contact Sttan directly. For professionals in the wine world, a customised packaging for the bottle is possible.

Finally, these works related to the world of wine also hide a symbolic aspect. You can find coloured stones hidden in his creations.

Look for a quartz; it's up to you!


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