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As I explain in the "About" section, my experience as an Insurance Expert in the region for more than 20 years, allows me to know well the value of art objects and jewellery. You often ask me how they are valued? Accompanied by an auctioneer, this blog will make you travel from Marseille to Genoa to discover the artists inspired by the Riviera. Who are the future talents? 

Sometimes, the coast of contemporary artists seems irrational, that's why the sure signatures of the modern Art of the 20th century are still sought after. If you are curious like me, we can share our thirst for knowledge of the art market of the Riviera region. What are the best opportunities? As Curator and Expert, we will help you in the management of your assets. is your guide to the world of modern and contemporary art and jewellery on the Riviera. Share your passion with us on the social networks 📸. 

Trends in the Art Market

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