Cannes Forville market, a flea market a stone's throw from the Croisette

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Since the primary school of La Ferrage, two blocks from the Croisette, I have lived through the excitement of 50 years of the "International Film Festival" in Cannes. It's a continuous flood of people recognizable by the famous accreditation ribbon and badge opening all the doors. Often dressed in summer clothes, despite the cold and rain alternating with a ray of sunshine, they walk in small groups between hotels and cinemas or restaurant terraces.

Behind "Cannes cinema", our Forville market continues to live at the rhythm of the local population and, as every Monday, the second-hand dealers set up about fifty stands under the hall built in 1934.

A moment with Indian actress Sayani Gupta...

I was humbled by Sayani Gupta, with 71.4 K subscribers on Instagram, who was filming a report for the American channel Fox News.

Actress, model and at the same time journalist, she is capable of interviewing live on her own the antique dealers holding her favourite stalls with kindness and skill. 3 people for sound and image plus 2 personal assistants organize in parallel the contacts that come to her, to valorize this or that shop or product in the sector. Her influence is well perceived by e-commerce insiders who urge her to come to their booth with their business card in hand.

It's hard to believe it works like that. I was surprised by his professionalism both on his outfit, very photogenic on the romantic theme, and his availability and knowledge on the specialized stand of the French and Belgian comics (bought 50 euros the album).

I better understand its success on social networks because of the upstream work to produce beautiful images and regularly renewed content.

Biot's glassware and lighting for less than 100 euros; the choice of a young second-hand goods dealer

Loris is a young second-hand goods dealer at the entrance of the market who offers original window or decorative objects next to lighting fixtures signed by artists who have come under the sun of the French Riviera.

Far from the stands specialising in leather goods and jewellery, he prefers to hunt for showcase or decorative objects offered at affordable prices (70 euros for a sulphide signed by Louis Leloup, Belgian master glassmaker, born in 1929), a sculpted mask in malachite for 50 euros or 4 black lacquer plates inlaid with mother-of-pearl representing flowers and animals for 100 euros.

The art glassware is perpetuated in Biot, thanks to the master glassmakers Novarro Jean Claude, Monod Claude, Pierini Robert, Van Lith Jean-Paul. Women are less valued, as we can see with the works of Luzoro Michèle, who struggles to be valued in public auctions and yet prized by collectors for her remarkable work.

Alongside the International Film Festival born in 1939, according to "a century of Cannes life 1850-1950" published in 2014 by the City of Cannes, after studying the archives, the artistic life of the French Riviera did not weaken throughout the second half of the twentieth century, as recounted by the exhibition "the great workshop of the South from Cézanne to Matisse" at the Granet Museum in Aix en Provence in 2013 for painting. Finding the trace of these artists in our region is a challenge that is bearing fruit.

Let's leave the stamped handbags and jewellery to buy more personalized artwork and other items.






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