Picasso Ceramics Awards and Madoura Workshops
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Picasso Ceramics Awards and Madoura Workshops

Insurance companies send me mission orders following an accidental fall of works of art. Two of them concern ceramics signed "Picasso" (1881-1973) "Madoura". It is a ceramics workshop founded by the couple Suzanne DOULY and Georges RAMIE after the Second World War, in Vallauris. Madoura is composed of the first syllables of the two surnames.

The short story

In 1946, while staying in GULF JUAN, Pablo PICASSO wanted to visit an exhibition "Pottery, flowers and perfumes" in the nearby town. This is how he arrived in VALLAURIS.

Franck LECLERC, journalist at NICE MATIN, writes in his article "On the traces of PICASSO in Vallauris". "As tradition demands, the RAMIE couple holds out a ball of earth to their host in which two bulls and a fauna are immediately shaped. The following summer, when he returns to Vallauris, he discovers the 3 baked pieces. It is a revelation".

Dominique Sassi starts as an apprentice in the MADOURA workshop. Then he continues his career to "recreate" the works of PICASSO. He recounts the technical and artistic evolution of this period. Thus, he testifies in a book entitled "Dans l'ombre de PICASSO, 20 ans aux côtés du maître" (In the shadow of PICASSO, 20 years at the master's side) published in 2015.

Compensation for valuables

The insurance company's mission order requires us to verify the circumstances before validating the guarantee.

In some cases, the "civil liability" or "defence recourse" cover of the multi-risk housing policy is activated depending on whether you are responsible for or injured by the event. After having established the circumstances, it is advisable to look for the price of the broken object or its equivalent, on the day of the loss, on the second-hand market. In other words, we proceed by comparison with similar objects in public auction houses. In the case of PICASSO, the databases are quite extensive. However, there are nuances to be known for certain rarer models.

The steep rise in the number of ceramic plates signed PICASSO and MADOURA since 2013

The interest of the Expert's profession is to go and check the prices to adjust his valuation with the trends of the art market.

The success of the EXHIBITION in AUBAGNE "PICASSO ceramist and the Mediterranean" revealed to the general public his work in terracotta. More accessible than his paintings, young collectors have been bidding more clearly since 2013. For example, the models of "owls and owls"" or pairs of "Mr and Mrs" are more and more sought after. In addition, important pieces such as decorative and highly coloured front and back plates are becoming increasingly rare.

We note that works purchased in the years 2000 for amounts between €4,000 and €5,000 are now being negotiated between €15,000 and €20,000. For the oldest models, we find them in smaller quantities. For example, you will find models referenced in Alain Ramié's catalogue raisonné "Picasso, catalogue de l'oeuvre céramique édité 1947-1971". For information, the second-hand price of the catalogue is 2 000 €.

As an example, the auction house LECLERE, auctioneer, published in the Gazette Drouot n°12 of March 24, 2017, its last auctions ranging between €10,000 and €13,000 per plate or dish, while a "tripod" went up to €100,000.

La Maison Auction is selling a "green bullfighting" dish at 7 800 € until 8 May 2017. The study of Me PICHON has just postponed its 3rd edition on the theme "#Ceramic course" at the hotel les Belles Rives in Golfe Juan to July 1st, 2020. From Jean marais to Georges JOUVE, many artists are sought after on the market.

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